My Degree

I started studying at Southampton Solent University in September 2012, on the foundation year for Media Technology, and graduated with a Second Class Honors on the 11th July 2016.

You can watch my graduation ceremony here.

Year 1

Video Production

During the Video Production unit, I learnt basic camera operation, and how to edit video, handy huh?

Premier Pro is pretty simples!

Physics of Light and Sound

During my Physics unit, I learnt the fundementals of Sound & Light, whilst covering basic acoustics

Media Electronics

In electronics, I covered the basics of electronics, as well as binary logic, filters, operational amplifiers.

Digital Principles

I was introduced to digital systems, and how they differ from analogue systems. During this unit I learnt basic C++, and produced a piece of software that was capable of generating DMTF tones, based on a command line input.

Audio Studio Recording

I learnt how to use an audio recording studio, as well as the fundamental operation of ProTools. During this unit, my group invited a local alternative rock band called Spindlefish to the university for some studio recording sessions.

In Session with Spindlefish

Mixing the session in ProTools

Audio and Video Technology

In this unit I learnt how video signals were represented (such as PAL), and how they are reproduced on displays.

Year 2

Video Systems

Continuing on from Audio Video Technology, I learnt about video more in depth, including luminance and chrominance.

Uh Oh! Don't cross your Colour Difference!

This unit also included learning about how Image sensors work, and how cameras handle the data.

Sound Design

During the Sound Design Unit, I learnt about how to record foley, and mix in 5.1 surround sound sessions. This unit also included editing audio to EDLs.

Media Formats

One of the more challenging units, I learnt about different media formats, and how data is compressed.

Electronic Applications

Learnt more about how electronics work. During this unit we prototyped a Band Pass Filter, and unbalanced to balanced converter using different protyping methods - Breadboard, Veroboard, and Wire-Wrapping.

Computers and Networking

I learnt more about how networks work, and basic configuration of Cisco equipment. Worked to run simulations in paket-tracer.

Audio Systems

During this unit, I learnt a lot more about acoustics, and worked to design a 5.1 theater to Dolby Specificaitons.

Year 3

Media Technology Project

For my Media Technology Project, I decided to investigate whether a consumer level microcontroller could be used for Silence Detection.

You can read more about this here

Outside Broadcasting

For my outside broadcasting unit, I took part in two outside broadcasts, one at Arundel Castle, and one at Chichester Cathedral.

Film and Video Technology

During Film and Video Tech, I learnt about how cameras and projectors work, as well as other display systems available.

Transmission and Networking Technologies

I learnt about how AM and FM works, as well as the different frequency bands and how they can be implemented into different transmisison systems, such as satellites.

Broadcast Systems Engineering

During this unit, I looked at the different hardware used in broadcast systems, and how they can be implemented together to form an end to end broadcast system.