Intelligent Silence Detection

Client: Solent University


Project Report [PDF]

Arduino Sketch

Whilst at University, I worked on a project to use consumer micro-controllers such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino for the purpose of silence detection in radio broadcasting. During this project I looked into what this technology does, and whether it could be improved.

During this project, I realised that I had taken the wrong approach to producing a solution, as described in my technical report.

This report covers the usage silence detection technology in today’s radio broadcasting industry and investigates whether it is possible to use consumer-level microcontrollers in order to perform the act of silence detection.

This report begins by looking in the necessities behind the technology and will go on to talk about the development of an alternative technology for entry level radio stations with smaller budgets using consumer-level microcontrollers as an alternative to traditional off-the-shelf commercial solutions.

During this project an audio signal was fed into an Arduino Uno, and the signals analysed, at which point it was determined that Arduino was not a suitable microcontroller for the application of Silence Detection